Risk Management & Safety

In 29 CFR 1910.1001, OSHA discusses building materials that are Presumed Asbestos-Containing Materials (PACM). Under this standard, installed Thermal System Insulation (TSI), asphalt and vinyl flooring, and sprayed-on or troweled-on surfacing materials are treated as asbestos-containing in buildings constructed no later than 1980. The following list of building materials includes, but is not limited to, items that are assumed to contain asbestos until laboratory testing proves otherwise.

According to the regulation cited above, OSHA requires UNLV to provide a list of known locations of ACM and PACM. The building materials listed under each of the buildings below were confirmed to contain asbestos by laboratory testing. Materials reported as "known" were confirmed by either visual inspection or plan review by an Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) accredited building inspector.

Building materials not listed are considered to contain asbestos until laboratory analysis determines asbestos content.

Regulated areas that require more than 2-hour asbestos awareness training, the use of respirators and protective clothing to access the area are as follows:

  • Flora Dungan Humanties (FDH) - access above any ceiling
  • Lily Fong Geoscience (LFG) - mechanical chase above room 101A and the mechanical chase above room 202B
  • Paradise Campus (PAR) Building 100 - access above the ceiling
  • Technology Building (TEC) - access above the ceiling where signage is posted on the access panels
Building Asbestos-Containing Materials Percentage
BEH Base molding mastic 1-5%
BPB Transite panels/Fume Hoods Known
BSL Plaster on metal lath 1%
BSL Fireproofing above ceiling Known
CEB Carpet mastic 5-10%
CEB Chalkboards (transite) and mastic 1-5%
CEB Fire Doors 2-30%
CEB Floor tile & mastic 5-20%
CEB Pipe Wrap 10-20%
CEB Carpet Mastic 5-10%
CEB Skimcoat/Joint Compound 1-5%
CEB Thermal System Insulation 10-20%
CEB Transite Panels Known
CHE Accoustic ceiling tile mastic < 1%
CHE Carpet mastic 1-10%
CHE Duct sealant 5%
CHE Fire doors 3-20%
CHE Floor tile & mastic 1-10%
CHE Laboratory countertops 2-20%
CHE Skimcoat/joint compound 20%
CHE Thermal system insulation/pipe wrap 5-25%
CHE Transite panels/Fume Hoods 60-70%
CHE Wall Texture 2%
CHE Wrapped Joints 10%
EPA-CHL Acoustic ceiling tile mastic 1%
EPA-CHL Floor tile & mastic 2-5%
EPA-CHL Plaster 1%
EPA-CHL Skimcoat/joint compound 2%
EPA-CHL Transite panels/Fume Hoods Known
EPA-CHL Texture/joint compound 1%
EPA-EAX Floor tile & mastic 2%
EPA-EAX Skimcoat/joint compound 2%
EPA-EXEC Floor tile & mastic 1-5%
EPA-EXEC Spray acoustic 2%
EPA-MSL Electrical wire insulation 45%
EPA-MSL Floor tile & mastic 5-10%
EPA-MSL Transite panels/Fume Hoods Known
EPA-MSL Skimcoat/joint compound 2-8%
EPA-MSL Thermal system insulation 1-5%
EPA-MSL Textured plaster and paints 2%
EPA-QAL Floor tile & mastic 2-7%
EPA-QAL Skimcoat/joint compound 2%
EPA-QAL Thermal system insulation 5-30%
EPA-QAL Transite panels/Fume Hoods Known
FMA Floor tile & mastic 2-3%
FMA Skimcoat/joint compound 2%
FMA Thermal system insulation 3%
FMA Transite panels Known
FDH Base molding mastic 1-5%
FDH Carpet mastic 1-5%
FDH Concrete texturing (walls) < 1%
FDH Electrical wire insulation (TV studio) 20-50%
FDH Floor tile & mastic 1-10%
FDH HVAC duct sealant 2%
FDH Plaster 1-5%
FDH Skimcoat/joint compound 2%
FDH Spray acoustic 1-20%
FDH Spray fireproofing 5-25%
FDH Thermal system insulation 10-60%
FDH Wallpaper canvas 3%
GRA Acoustic ceiling tile mastic < 1%
GRA Floor tile & mastic 2-10%
GRA Seam putty (between concrete & block) 2%
GRA Skimcoat/joint compound 2%
GRA Spray fireproofing Known
GRA Tar insulation tape/wrap 2-10%
GRA Thermal system insulation Known
GRA Transite panels Known
GRA Woven TSI tape sealer 3%
HCH Floor tile & mastic 2-5%
HCH Roof 15%
HCH Skimcoat/joint compound 2%
HCH Stage lights (electrical insulation) 10-60%
HFA Base molding & mastic 5-10%
HFA Floor tile & mastic 2%
HFA Transite panels Known
HOU Felt vapor barrier (near mechanical equipment) 30%
HWB Base molding mastic 1-5%
HWB Floor tile & mastic 2-5%
HWB Transite panels Known
JBT Acoustic tile mastic < 1%
JBT Base molding mastic < 1%
JBT Electrical wire insulation 75-80%
JBT Floor tile & mastic 2-5%
JBT Skimcoat/joint compound 2%
JBT Spray acoustic 10-15%
JBT Spray tread mastic 2%
JBT Thermal system insulation 1-15%
JBT Transite panels Known
LFG Floor tile & mastic 1-20%
LFG Spray Fireproofing 5-10%
LFG Thermal system insulation 1-45%
LFG Transite panels/Fume Hoods/Flue Stack Known
MSM Base molding mastic 1-5%
MSM Floor tile & mastic 0-7%
MSM Spray acoustic < 1%
MSM Thermal system insulation 1-25%
MSM Transite panels/Fume Hoods Known
MPE Base molding mastic 2%
MPE Floor tile & mastic 3%
MPE Roof 20%
MPE Skimcoat/joint compound 2%
MPE Thermal system insulation (coating) 1-5%
MPE Exterior window caulking/glazing 5%
PAR Attic space above ceiling tile Known
PAR Base molding mastic 5%
PAR Carpet mastic 2%
PAR Floor tile & mastic 1-5%
PAR Skimcoat/joint compound 3-5%
PAR Texture 5%
PAR Thermal system insulation (including pipe wrap) 30-40%
PAR Underground transit piping Known
PAR Attic space above ceiling tile Known
RAJ Floor tile & mastic 1-10%
RPL Fire door 5-10%
SBS Skimcoat/joint compound 2%
SLC-A Base molding mastic < 1%
SLC-A Floor tile & mastic 1-5%
SLC-A Spray acoustic 1-3%
SLC-B Base molding mastic < 1%
SLC-B Floor tile & mastic 1-5%
SLC-B Spray acoustic 1-3%
SLC-C Base molding mastic 1%
SLC-C Spray acoustic 1-3%
TAY Floor tile & mastic 2%
TBE Transite panels/Fume Hoods Known
TEC Acoustic ceiling spray (in four rooms) < 1%
TEC Built-up roofing (exterior) not sampled
TEC Floor tile & mastic 1-10%
TEC Floor tile & mastic beneath carpet 1-10%
TEC Thermal system insulation in attic 1-25%
TEC Transite panels Assumed
TEC Exterior window caulking/glazing 2%
TON Floor tile & mastic 1-2%
TON Spray fireproofing 5-10%
TON Thermal system insulation 3%
UNH Floor tile & mastic 2%
WHI Base molding mastic 5-10%
WHI Carpet mastic 2%
WHI Fire doors 5-50%
WHI Floor tile & mastic 1-5%
WHI Laboratory countertop 21-23%
WHI Laboratory countertop mastic 2%
WHI Spray acoustic 5-20%
WHI Thermal system insulation 20%
WHI Transite panels/Fume Hoods Known
UNLV Underground transite piping 10-20%

ACM Location Plans

As part of our ongoing upgrade to the Asbestos Program, this site has been established in order for UNLV personnel to review the confirmed location of asbestos-containing materials. We will send out notices when new buildings are added.

This document was last modified on August 25, 2017.