Risk Management & Safety

The UNLV Fire and Life safety Office is responsible for maintaining and improving the level of Fire and Life Safety in, and around, the separate buildings and structures, on the 300+ acre campus and satelite locations, such as Shadow Lane Campus and Sam Boyd Stadium. This is accomplished through a comprehensive and ongoing series of inspections and training sessions. These activities are implemented and designed to conform to all State and local codes and regulations.

An integral and expanding field of responsibility for this office, is the planning and construction design review process, which involves our department in the pre-construction phase of the ever-increasing amount of expansion at UNLV.

Programs conducted by the FLS office

  • Fire Safety Inspection
  • Evacuation Drills
  • Evacuation Signage
  • Extinguisher training
  • Extinguisher and eyewash unit testing
  • State and local code compliance and review
  • Campus code compliance issues
  • Emergency Response planning


Picture of Larry Warkentin
Larry Warkentin
FLS Safety Specialist
CSB 119C
(702) 895-2990
Picture of Paul Dominguez
Paul Dominguez
FLS Inspector II
CSB 119-04
(702) 895-1791
Picture of Vanessa Hogan
Vanessa Hogan
FLS Inspector II
CSB 119-03
(702) 895-0463
Picture of Dexter Williford
Dexter Williford
FLS Inspector II
CSB 119-02
(702) 895-2363
This document was last modified on October 27, 2016.