Risk Management & Safety

Purpose - to remove excessive amounts of chemicals from laboratories when individual tagging of containers is not reasonable.

A Lab cleanout should happened when

  • The lab is being shut down (please notify EM&LS before shut down)
  • The lab has accumulated a copious amount of chemicals
  • A graduate student will be graduating in the near future and will need to get rid of the chemicals that the individual produced (please notify EM&LS 6 months before graduation)
  • The retirement of the faculty member in charge of the lab (please notify A.S.A.P., preferably prior and not after faculty member has left, EM&LS)

  • Lab cleanout procedures:

  • Do not bring chemicals down the Satellite Accumulation Areas (SAAs). Instead email the hazardous waste specialist for specific procedures.
  • Included a time and date when it would be possible to meet to look at the chemicals being dispose of for an initial evaluation.
  • The hazardous waste specialist will provide the individual with labeling and segregating instructions, and a pick up date.
  • The hazardous waste specialist or technician will pick up the laboratory waste.

  • Somethings to keep in mind:

  • Please prepare in advance the lab cleanout, as we are busy with other cleanouts and pickups for other departments.
  • Unknown chemicals carry a high cost to dispose of.
  • Lab cleanouts do not happen all in one day; the process may take several days.
  • The more information we have the better

  • Appointment Request:

    This document was last modified on February 09, 2017.