Risk Management & Safety

Holding responsibility over radiation-producing devices and materials on campus, the Radiation Safety Office provides authorization to users needing to work with radiation while working to keep them safe, as set out in the university's Radiation Safety Manual. The Radiological Safety Office operates persuant to the regulations of Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) 459.

Services provided by the Radiation Safety Office

  • Radiation Instrument Calibration
  • Waste Pick-up and Disposal
  • Transportation and Shipping Assistance
  • Emergency Assistance (Supervise Decontaminations, etc.)
  • Radiation Safety Training
  • Periodic Inventory of all Radioactive Material
  • Periodic Leak Tests of Sealed Sources when Required
  • Records Maintenance for Licensing and Registration of Radioactive Material and Radiation Producing Devices
  • Surveying and Monitoring all Radioactive Material Areas Periodically


Picture of Brian Rowsell
Brian Rowsell
Radiological Safety Officer
CSB 119D
(702) 895-4419
Picture of Reginald Stewart
Reginald Stewart
Radiation Safety Specialist
CSB 201A
(702) 895-4941
Picture of Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez
Radiation Safety Specialist
CSB 201U
(702) 895-5736
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