Risk Management & Safety

Safety information and requirements for contractors that perform work on any UNLV property is provided under the program link located to the left. When safety procedures ask that information be sent to the Risk Management and Safety Department, the program elements listed below contain a link with email addresses for your use. Questions about job requirements and contract specifications should be directed to the appropriate contract administrator for that particular project.

Hot Work

When contractors are doing projects that involve hot work, they are required to fill out and provide Risk Management and Safety, a copy of their Hot Work Permit at least one workday prior to the start of hot work. It should be delivered to Risk Management and Safety via one of the methods shown on the bottom of the Hot Work Permit or by clicking the link below and attaching a copy of the hot work permit to the pre-addressed email. After the job has been completed, a copy of the signed Hot Work Permit and Hot Work Checklist should be sent to Risk Management and Safety. HOT WORK PRESET E-MAIL LIST

This document was last modified on December 20, 2017.