Risk Management & Safety

Risk Management & Safety Insurance and Claims Administration is responsible for protecting the welfare of students, staff, patrons, and assets of University of Nevada Las Vegas, College of Southern Nevada and Nevada State College from risk and financial loss. To accomplish these tasks, Risk Management & Safety coordinates with other departments to identify & analyze risk, develop risk control techniques, select appropriate retention and/or transfer of risk, and provide risk administration.

Workers' compensation is a benefit provided to employees who are injured as a result of performing their work duties. The Nevada System of Higher Education fully supports the right of every employee to file a workers' compensation claim when a work related injury or occupational disease occurs. It is the responsibility of Risk Management & Safety Claims Administration to coordinate workers' compensation claims for University of Nevada Las Vegas, College of Southern Nevada and Nevada State College.

General Counsel for Nevada System of Higher Education Business Center South institutions are responsible for managing liability waivers. Any amended forms will need to be approved by General Counsel.


Picture of Michael L. Means
Michael L. Means
Risk Manager
CSB 119A
(702) 895-5735
Picture of Michele Washington
Michele Washington
Claims Administration Coordinator
CSB 119F
(702) 895-5404
Picture of Mike Tabije
Mike Tabije
UNLV Medicine Insurance & Loss Control Coordinator
CSB 119-02
(702) 895-2297
This document was last modified on February 8, 2019.