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The following applies to individuals authorized to drive Nevada State or NSHE owned vehicles.

Drivers Must:

  • Be either an employee, volunteer or have permission to drive a Nevada State or NSHE owned vehicle.
  • Have a current valid driver's license.
  • Inform the department head of any changes in their driving status within twenty-four (24) hours or next business day that would include suspension, cancellation or revocation of a license from the date of the action.
  • Wear seat belts during vehicle operation and ensure all passengers wear seat belts in accordance with NRS 484D.495.
  • Not use a cell phone or any electronic device in accordance with NRS 484B & SAM 1320.
  • Not drive while impaired which would include use of prescription drugs, alcohol, illegal drugs, and illness and sleep deprivation.
  • Not smoke in the vehicle.
  • Not use a vehicle for personal use.
  • Report vehicle accidents to their immediate (or available) supervisor and the BCS Risk Management Office within 2 hours or as soon as possible if hospitalized or in a remote location. The driver may be required to submit to an alcohol and drug test.
  • Transport only passengers who are conducting work related to formal State or NSHE business activities.

In Addition, the driver:

  • May be required to take a defense driving refresher class or a regular class within three (3) months of the accident if the driver has one or more at-fault traffic accidents.
  • May be asked to provide a copy of their motor vehicle driving record for review prior to being allowed to continue to operate a vehicle for work purposes if involved and at fault more than one accident while working in a one year period of time.
  • Is personally responsible to pay for any driving or parking citations, regardless if it is received while driving a vehicle and performing State or NSHE related business.

Violation of the above rules may jeopardize the driver's future use of Nevada State or NSHE owned vehicles.

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