Risk Management & Safety

As UNLV works towards becoming a Research 1-level institution, the safety of those researchers who come to make Las Vegas their home is paramount. To that end, the Environmental Management and Laboratory Safety group of Risk Management & Safety is tasked with ensuring the safety of those working with experiments through our biosafety program, our laboratory safety program, and our hazardous materials safety program. Risk Management & Safety navigates the federal and state regulations around working with potentially-hazardous materials to let researchers continue their work while ensuring the safety of them and the campus.


Picture of George Fratus
George Fratus
Environmental Management & Lab Safety Manager
CSB 119B
(702) 895-4942
Picture of Charles Bynum
Charles Bynum
Hazardous Materials Safety Technician
CSB 119-18
(702) 895-2929
Picture of Ricky Rideout
Ricky Rideout
Hazardous Materials Safety Specialist / Asbestos Program Manager
CSB 201W
(702) 895-4048
This document was last modified on September 13, 2018.