Risk Management & Safety

Please note that the information in archived safety tips may not reflect current policies. These are maintained primarily as a historical archive. For the latest policies, check other sections of the RMS website.


Risk Management and Safety appreciates the efforts made by the campus community in creating a safe and healthy environment. The safe day-to-day responsibilities rest with each employee and with those who supervise them. At the beginning of this fall semester, we would like to remind the campus of a handful of safety topics.

Safety Concern/Near Miss Form

This form allows the campus community to easily contact RMS with safety issues. Please use the form at http://rms.unlv.edu/occupational/concern/ so we may address your concerns in a quick and efficient manner.

Cart Safety

Please operate carts safely around pedestrians and do not park carts near building entrances. Anyone operating a cart (including students) must complete training in the safe operation of a cart. This training may be completed online (see below for instructions how to access online training).

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

An SDS provides information on the properties of specific hazardous materials. Formerly known as Material Safety Data Sheets, SDSs are available online at http://rms.unlv.edu/chemical-inventory/msds/ for each hazardous material on campus.

Work-Related Injuries on Campus

In the event of a work-related injury, employees should visit one of the clinics listed at http://rms.unlv.edu/insurance-and-claims/wc/medical-providers/. Employees should not use their personal medical providers because this may delay the process. In addition, any work-related injury should be documented using Form C-1. More information may be found at http://rms.unlv.edu/insurance-and-claims/wc/.

Online Safety Training

RMS continues to update its library of online safety training classes, which are available for employees and students. Please visit our website and register in order to take the online classes. The registration page is found at http://rms.unlv.edu/occupational/training/online/.

If you have any questions regarding the above topics or any other safety-related concern, please contact Risk Management and Safety at 702-895-4226.


Reminder: Heat Stress Awareness

As summer approaches, Risk Management and Safety (RMS) would like to remind you of the importance of remaining safe outdoors, especially with temperatures consistently over 100 degrees. Whether you work inside or outdoors, summer in Las Vegas can be uncomfortable for many. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are serious medical emergencies resulting from unhealthy and unsafe practices in hot environments. Some tips to remain safe and healthy in hot weather include:

  • Drink plenty of water: OSHA recommends drinking small amounts of water frequently throughout the day. Generally, adults should drink 64 ounces of water daily - more if you work outdoors and sweat often.
  • Dress appropriately: When outside, wear lightweight, natural fabrics and a hat, if possible.
  • Eat light: Heavy and hot foods sometimes accelerate dehydration. Light, refreshing foods like fruits and vegetables help keep you hydrated.
  • Stay inside when possible: Limit outdoor activity during the hottest parts of the day.
  • A training course has been developed to help you recognize the signs and symptoms of heat stress and what you can do to protect yourself.

    OSHA has additional information at http://www.osha.gov/SLTC/heatstress/index.html.

    Please contact Risk Management and Safety at 895-4226 with any questions regarding heat stress.

    April 2015: CHIMERA

    Reminder: Chemical Inventory Management System (CHIMERA)

    Risk Management and Safety would like to remind the campus community of its chemical inventory program. CHIMERA was developed to assist in the management of hazardous materials on campus.

    Specifically, CHIMERA is a comprehensive chemical inventory management program to facilitate the collection and reporting of chemical information. Through an online interface, UNLV faculty and staff can manage their own chemical inventory, search their inventory, and view and print various inventory and hazard reports.

    In addition, CHIMERA also includes a voluntary chemical sharing program (Chemshare). This program enables users to check for specific materials within a pool of other participating user's inventories and will provide corresponding contact information.

    CHIMERA also contains over 59,000 Safety Data Sheets (previously known as Material Safety Data Sheets), at least one for every product in the inventory. This resource provides quick and simple access to SDSs for all faculty and staff at UNLV.

    This document was last modified on August 30, 2019.