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2017 Safety Tips

January 2017: CHIMERA - UNLV's Chemical Inventory and Safety Software System

Risk Management and Safety would like to remind the campus community of its chemical inventory program CHIMERA. CHIMERA was developed to assist in the management of hazardous materials on campus.

Specifically, CHIMERA is a comprehensive chemical inventory management program designed to facilitate the collection and reporting of chemical information. Through an online interface, UNLV faculty and staff can manage their own chemical inventory, search their inventory, and view and print various inventory and hazard reports

In addition, CHIMERA also includes a voluntary chemical sharing program (Chemshare). This program enables users to check for specific materials within a pool of other participating user's inventories and will provide corresponding contact information.

CHIMERA also contains over 80,000 Safety Data Sheets (previously known as Material Safety Data Sheets), at least one for every product in the inventory. This resource provides quick and simple access to SDSs for all faculty and staff at UNLV.

This document was last modified on January 11, 2017.