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Risk Management & Safety occasionally publishes bulletins through this website and the campus-wide UNLV Today newsletter. Click a heading below to view current safety tips, or check the sidebar for tips from previous years.

2019 Safety Tips

March 2019: Lasers Where You Least Suspect

Did you know that more and more lasers are regularly part of equipment and devices? Frequently, they typically are not considered hazardous; however, the proper classification still has to be made. This is where Risk Management and Safety-Radiation Safety Office plays a role in determining if hazards are present. The Radiation Safety Office must be contacted before lasers are used on any UNLV property.

For information regarding laser use on UNLV property, refer to the UNLV Laser Safety Manual, rev. 2, dated April 2017: Laser Safety Manual

If there are any questions, concerns, or need for additional information, please contact the Risk Management and Safety Department at Ext. 5-4226 for assistance.

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