Risk Management & Safety

This form is for authorization of abatement work only.

40 CFR Part 61 Subpart M

Emergency renovation operation means a renovation operation that was not planned but results from a sudden, unexpected event that, if not immediately attended to, presents a safety of public health hazard, is necessary to protect equipment from damage, or is necessary to avoid imposing an unreasonable financial burden. This term includes operations necessitated by non-routine failures of equipment.

Nonscheduled renovation operation means a renovation necessitated by the routine failure of equipment, which is expected to occur within a given period based on past operating experience, but for which an exact date cannot be predicted.

Renovation means altering a facility or one or more facility components in any way, including the stripping or removal of Regulated asbestos containing material (RACM) from a facility component. Operations in which load supporting members are taken out are demolitions.

The job request form shall be submitted 2 working days prior to the removal of asbestos containing materials.

This document was last modified on August 25, 2017.