Risk Management & Safety

An Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) may be used during sudden cardiac arrest. An AED can shock the heart back into normal rhythm by means of an electric current. Employees may learn more about AEDs by completing a CPR & AED training course. The following table shows locations of AED on campus. The associated links display pictures of each location. For more information on specific AEDs used on campus, please scroll to the bottom of the page.

Maryland Parkway Campus

Building Location
ARC 1st Floor, South Wall between the elevator and admin. office
ARC 2nd Floor, South Wall between the elevator and custodial closet
ASC Lobby on East Wall
BEH 1st Floor, Elevator Lobby
BEH 3rd Floor, Elevator Lobby
BEH 5th Floor, Elevator Lobby
BHS 1st Floor, Northwest Elevator Lobby
BHS 2nd Floor, hallway near room 213
BHS 5th Floor, Elevator Lobby
BMC Entry Lobby, East Wall near Library
BPB Central Lobby, Northwest Wall near Elevator
BPB 2nd Floor, elevator lobby
BSL Lobby, Northwest Wall near Information Desk
BSL 3rd Floor, Elevator Lobby
CBC-A East end of the Lobby
CBC-B 1st Floor, elevator lobby
CBC-B 2nd Floor, elevator lobby
CBC-B 3rd Floor, elevator lobby
CBC-B 4th Floor, elevator lobby
CBC-B 5th Floor, elevator lobby
CBC-C 1st Floor, North Lobby, east wall
CBC-C 2nd Floor, North Lobby, east wall
CDC-9 Near Southwest Exit
CEB 1st Floor, North Wall in Elevator Lobby
CEB 3rd Floor, North Wall in Elevator Lobby
CHE North Wall, near announcement board
CSB 2nd Floor Hallway, near Room 245
CSB South Lobby, east wall
CSB West Lobby, north wall near room 119
FDH 1st Floor Lobby, north wall, near pay phones
FDH 2nd Floor, elevator lobby
FDH 3rd Floor, elevator lobby
FDH 4th Floor, elevator lobby
FDH 5th Floor, elevator lobby
FDH 6th Floor, elevator lobby
FDH 7th Floor, elevator lobby
FMA By Room 129
FND Main Lobby, west wall
FTC Main Lobby, north wall
GUA 1st Floor, elevator lobby
GUA 2nd Floor, west wing elevator lobby
GUA 3rd Floor, elevator lobby
GUA 3rd Floor, east wing by room 3132
HCH Main Lobby, north wall
HFA Main Lobby, near Room 111
HOU 1st Floor, waiting room
HWB Main Lobby, east wall
IGI Main Lobby, behind reception desk
JBT Main Lobby, north wall
LFG 1st Floor, east entrance, south wall
LLB 1st Floor, behind circulation desk
LLB 2nd Floor, behind information desk
LLB 3rd Floor, elevator lobby
MPE South Entrance, east wall
MPE Next to Room 312
MPE 1st Floor, elevator lobby
MPE/SIRC MPE/SIRC Hallway by Office 103
MSM/HRC East Entrance, east wall
MSM/HRC 3rd Floor, next to elevator
OM3 South wall, near Lock Shop
PAR Building 1, in lobby
PAR Building 500, Hallway by Office 501
POLICE Located in Dispatch Room, top shelf
PRO Main Lobby, east wall at entrance
RAJ 1st Floor, north wall near main elevators
RRC South Trailer, near main office
RWC 1st Floor, behind service desk
RWC 2nd Floor, near Group Fitness Room 2015
RWC 3rd Floor, elevator lobby
RWC 4th Floor, elevator lobby
RWC Swimming Pool area, north wall
SCS 1st Floor, elevator lobby
SEB 1st Floor, elevator lobby
SEB 2nd Floor, elevator lobby
SEB 3rd Floor, elevator lobby
SEB 4th Floor, elevator lobby
SSC Building A, 1st Floor, near elevator
SSC Building B, 1st Floor, near room B108
SU 1st Floor, behind Information Desk
SU 1st Floor, near Room 135 (game room)
SU 1st Floor, southwest dining area
SU 2nd Floor, near Student Computing Support
SU 3rd Floor, elevator lobby
TAC 1st Floor, near north entrance
TBE-A 1st Floor, elevator lobby
TBE-B 1st Floor, south wall near entrance
TBE-B 3rd Floor, elevator lobby
WHI 1st Floor, east entrance
WHI 3rd Floor, elevator lobby
WRI-A 1st Floor, West lobby
WRI-C 1st Floor, hallway across from elevator


Building Location
SHSInside cabinet located in Nurses Station
SHSIn Room 110
TMCSouthwest Wall, outside Office Suite
TMCSoutheast Wall, outside Locker Room Hallway

Shadow Lane Campus

All AED's are stored in the crash cart in these locations (drawers are labeled).

Building Location
SLC-A1st floor, Emergency/Oral Surgery Room #102 (ER/OS) next to reception desk
SLC-A1st floor, Team 2/3 Dispensary Room #109
SLC-A1st floor, Orthodontic Dispensary Room #114
SLC-A2nd floor, Team 1/4 Dispensary Room #205
SLC-BLobby, North wall, behind Reception Desk

Types of AEDs on campus

UNLV currently uses four brands of AEDs on campus. The links to the manufacturers' websites below will contain information on the use of their AEDs.

For your convenience, the video below demonstrates the proper use of the Cardiac Science AED. Other AED brands operate in a similar manner.

Please note that the American Heart Association and the manufacturers of AEDs strongly recommend that AEDs are used only by trained individuals. To complete the CPR and AED training course at UNLV, please contact Risk Management & Safety at 895-4226.

This document was last modified on December 07, 2017.