Risk Management & Safety

Mission Statement

The mission of the UNLV Risk Management and Safety Department is to provide assistance and guidance for the development, implementation and monitoring of safety and risk reduction policies and procedures. The goal of the department is to protect the staff, students, visitors and the institution from injury and/or financial loss.

Risk Management and Safety is an integral part of the everyday activities in any program or procedure. The day to day responsibility for these programs rests with those who supervise and/or participate in them.


Picture of Johnny Centineo
Johnny Centineo
Executive Director
CSB 117
(702) 895-5522
Picture of Tessa Jacobs
Tessa Jacobs
Administrative Assistant IV
CSB 119-12
(702) 895-1738
Picture of Tami Godfrey
Tami Godfrey
Administrative Assistant III
CSB 119-13
(702) 895-2479
Picture of Vacant
Administrative Assistant III
CSB 119-11
(702) 895-2975

Chemical Inventory & Software Management

Picture of Robert Deaver
Robert Deaver
Software Architect
CSB 119H
(702) 895-4386
Picture of Kenny To
Kenny To
Software Engineer
CSB 119G
(702) 895-4386
Picture of Ann Yaris
Ann Yaris
Chemical Inventory Coordinator
CSB 119-14
(702) 895-4259

Chemical Inventory & Safety Software Student Employees

Picture of Ian Watters
Ian Watters
Software Development Student Assistant
Picture of Ulises Sanchez - Flores
Ulises Sanchez - Flores
Chemical Inventory Student Assistant
Picture of Ambar Monjaras
Ambar Monjaras
Chemical Inventory Student Assistant
Picture of Alex Hood
Alex Hood
Chemical Inventory Student Assistant
Picture of Ashton McMullen
Ashton McMullen
Chemical Inventory Student Assistant
Picture of Brittany Perry
Brittany Perry
Chemical Inventory Student Assistant
Picture of Dakota Rhiner
Dakota Rhiner
Chemical Inventory Student Assistant
Picture of Eric Candelario
Eric Candelario
Chemical Inventory Student Assistant
Picture of John Demarigny
John Demarigny
Chemical Inventory Student Assistant
Picture of Louise Suaybaguio
Louise Suaybaguio
Chemical Inventory Student Assistant
Picture of Brian Gong
Brian Gong
Chemical Inventory Student Assistant
Picture of Vacant
Chemical Inventory Student Assistant

Environmental Health & Lab Safety

Picture of George Fratus
George Fratus
Environmental Management & Lab Safety Manager
CSB 119B
(702) 895-4942
Picture of Ricky Rideout
Ricky Rideout
Hazardous Materials Safety Specialist / Asbestos Program Manager
CSB 201W
(702) 895-4048
Picture of Charles Bynum
Charles Bynum
Hazardous Materials Safety Technician
CSB 119-18
(702) 895-2929

Fire & Life Safety

Picture of Paul Garcia
Paul Garcia
Fire & Life Safety Manager
CSB 119C
(702) 895-4861
Picture of William Smith Jr.
William Smith Jr.
FLS Inspector II
CSB 119-03
(702) 895-4861
Picture of Vanessa Hogan
Vanessa Hogan
FLS Inspector II
CSB 119-04
(702) 895-0463
Picture of Corey Boynak
Corey Boynak
FLS Inspector II
CSB 119-05
(702) 895-2363

Fire & Life Safety Student Employees

Picture of Benigno Nieto
Benigno Nieto
FLS Student Worker
Picture of Nicole Conti
Nicole Conti
FLS Student Worker

Occupational Safety & Health

Picture of John Tomola
John Tomola
Occupational Safety Program Officer
CSB 119E
(702) 895-4860
Picture of Jason Hargis
Jason Hargis
Occupational Safety Program Coordinator
CSB 119-06

Safety Training

Picture of Billy Ayers
Billy Ayers
Safety Training Officer
CSB 201T
(702) 895-1005
Picture of Julie Moos
Julie Moos
Safety Training Specialist
CSB 201V
(702) 895-2990

Radiological Safety

Picture of Brian Rowsell
Brian Rowsell
Radiological Safety Officer
CSB 119D
(702) 895-4419
Picture of Reginald Stewart
Reginald Stewart
Radiation Safety Specialist
CSB 201A
(702) 895-4941
Picture of Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez
Radiation Safety Specialist
CSB 201U
(702) 895-5736

Radiological Safety Student Employees

Picture of Deja Clay
Deja Clay
Radiation Safety Student Worker
Picture of Christina Frasier
Christina Frasier
Radiation Safety Student Worker

Insurance & Claims Administration

Picture of Michael L. Means
Michael L. Means
Risk Manager
CSB 119A
(702) 895-5735
Picture of Michele Washington
Michele Washington
Claims Administration Coordinator
CSB 119F
(702) 895-5404
Picture of Mike Tabije
Mike Tabije
UNLV Medicine Insurance & Loss Control Coordinator
CSB 119-02
(702) 895-2297
This document was last modified on April 01, 2019.